A Lord of the Rings tv-show?


We’re not outdoing the perfection of this shot anytime soon

Yeah, you heard it right. Amazon has announced an interest in developing a Lord of the Rings tv-show. Practical issues aside (I thought the filming rights were securely locked away, but apparently you can now have them for a very high price) I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in asking: WHY?

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Defenders trailer

It’s finally here, the first full trailer for The Defenders! I’m incredibly exited to see the whole gang team up and kick ass. This trailer already starts out awesome; we finally get to see Matt Murdock be another hero’s lawyer! And it keeps rolling from there. My personal highlights were the Matt/Jessica interactions, Claire the team coach and wondering what the hell is gonna happen to Elektra. It’s cool to see her finally wear bright red, but for whatever reason she’s still really into the cold shoulder look. I guess being a living weapon makes that a bit less important, though. For the rest I’m not quite sure how to feel about the Hand storyline (mainly because an ancient destructive power seems like a lot to handle for these people), but having two cool female villains is definitely nice and it’s just going to be awesome to see everyone together. Bring on August!

Thoughts on Disney Princess discourse

It’s disney-princess-wallpapers-01not exactly new or fresh to say that many Disney movies are not a paragon of feminism or progressive thought. Yet, every time a new movie surfaces, the discussion is opened again; people need to point out what was wrong with the older movies, and some avid fans will try to defend them. I feel like these two parties don’t even disagree that much, they just value other aspects of the movies more. So today, I’d like to examine the different layers of Disney Princess movies       to see where both sides of the argument may come from.

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