Thor:Ragnarok teaser

Are we still calling this a teaser? Really? It gives away like half the story! Anyway, reaction time.

What can I say? This was an awesome teaser that really gets me hyped. The song was well chosen, the colours popped, Cate Blanchett looks amazing as a punk rock Cate Blanchett  Hela, we have a Valkyrie with a winged horse and everyone gets a fancy helmet.

That being said, I’m not sure how to feel about this as a movie in the Thor series. Apparently the first two movies aren’t very popular, but I actually like them a lot which makes it hard for me to be as enthusiastic as everyone else seems to be for the shift in tone. Because, to me, Marvel movies barely ever get all that dark and serious, and we have the Guardians and Ant-Man as true action comedies; why can’t Thor stick a bit more to the “Norse mythology” and royal drama genre? As it turns out the Thor comics have always been more about psychedelic space battles so this movie will be the first one to accurately reflect that, so that speaks to its advantage. And what’s more, one teaser obviously doesn’t tell us everything. If we have someone capable of destroying Mjölnir who declares ‘Asgard is dead’, how could that not be serious in the final product? There’s a good chance that while this movie will be fun and comedic it can balance that with a storyline that feels real and serious. Just because the overall tone is lighthearted the entire plot doesn’t have to be, of course. I’m also intrigued by Thor getting captured and becoming a space gladiator, because 1) poor guy, banished again  (and they cut his hair!! how dare they!) and 2) he’s suddenly on his own in a world where he isn’t the strongest anymore, which could make for some interesting character development and I’m looking forward to seeing that play out.

As for the rest of the story, it looks pretty good! Thor’s reaction to the Hulk was priceless and so is Jeff Goldblum in space makeup. Introducing two new badass female characters is of course a very good thing, and I’m really hoping Hela will finally become another memorable Marvel villain. Loki is still going strong and as always we’re left to wonder where he’ll end up this time. I am a bit sad that we won’t be seeing Jane anymore (and the rest of the Earth crew for that matter, I think), because she was fun and her relationship with Thor was pretty cute, but alas. Hopefully they will wrap the story up nicely, because Jane was pretty integral to the previous movies in my opinion. We’ll see, but whatever happens it’s obviously going to be a hell of a ride & I’m going to watch this teaser again.


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