Happy International Women’s Day!

international-womens-dayIt’s that time of the year again! Or rather, a day later, but bear with me. And there’s no wrong day to celebrate women, of course.

So, what did you do yesterday? I have to admit I didn’t do much, except dress up as Rosie the Riveter (yes, it’s cliché but I kinda love clichés. Also, an article on her is coming soon!) and worked at an institute for women’s emancipation but that just happens to be my internship so that was more of a nice coincidence. Afterwards I visited my grandma, which I do more than once a year but it’s not a bad way to spend IWD, I’d say. I’m also planning to donate some money to causes that support women. I was happy to read all the tweets and Facebook posts supporting IWD and I hope more people will realize why we still need such a day; it’s not just about fun ‘girl power’, it’s about realizing and fighting the disadvantages women still face every day in whatever way you can. Try to stand up for other women wherever you can, but never forget to stand up for yourself first; your life is yours and you have a right to live it your way.


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