About the elections…

To be honest, I hate having to write my second post about such a sad event, but if I want to have a feminist blog, I can´t let this go by. This won´t be a very long article, though, as I am not quite sure what to say.

As a Dutch citizen, this election will not affect me as much as the people of the US, but every step taken there will have its consequence overseas as well. Most of us are quite overwhelmed, and so am I. I started the day thinking that it had to be Clinton, only to quickly find out how wrong I was. Then, I read up on reactions and articles, and started accepting this as the new reality. I went out into a world different from what it was yesterday. I met up with a friend to get some comfort food. I felt rebellious- me and people like me, we’d keep on fighting for what we believe in. Slowly, after a whole day of seeing all these articles, interviews and posts come by, I started getting weary. There was so much to say! So many affected people! And I couldn’t escape it- not only was every news outlet and social media platform filled with the elections, suddenly I realized how tied everything is to either politics, America, or American politics. I should have worked on my bachelor thesis on 18th/19th century French feminism, but then I’d have to read about more injustice towards marginalized groups (and about the fact that women just cant’seem to get rewarded for their hard work to get their due; someone is gonna swoop in and take their progress away. Ugh). About every TV show I watch has something to do with America and/or politics. Whatever website I visited, there was the same stream of self-repeating posts.

How did this happen? Should we have known? What did Hillary do wrong? I’m sure this would have been different if she were a man. Damn those third party voters! Damn those minorities that didn’t vote Democrat! Damn all those masochistic white women! This will be the start of WWIII! No, wait, there are checks and balances. Still, look at this hateful platform! The world will never be the same! This will be one for the history books. Where where you when this happened? What did you vote?

But also: Let’s stick together. Let’s build a better world. He will not defeat us.

I will not say that everything will be allright, because it likely won’t be. Even so, this does not have to end in a disaster. We can make it through this. Take a deep breath, go to sleep. Wake up tomorrow when everything will be clearer and do whatever you can. This is not the end- this is where we pick ourselves up and move forward.


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