What´s the thing with influencers?

So, let’s jump straight into this article: in case you didn’t hear, ‘influencer’ is what we now call people with a lot of followers on social media, and that, being as popular as they are, are often paid to advertise certain products. These people are mostly beauty/fashion/health bloggers, but also people that just record vlogs of their daily lives. Some claim they are the future; others are more cynical. What’s up with those people?

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A post concerning bitterness

e819d8432420482a096fa03730b3c5d3  You know what’s annoying? When you’re watching something on TV and whoever is in the room with you can’t stop commenting about how it’s stupid and doesn’t make sense. Aside from “Shh, that’s why it’s called fantasy” you will likely reply something along the lines of “Please, just let me enjoy this”, and rightfully so. But recently, things that seemed innocuous are becoming more and more political. Or really, they were political all along, but people have been picking up and commenting on that more and more.

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Makeup and feminism


If you’re familiar with feminist discourse, you’ll probably know that makeup can be a bit of a
polarizing issue. Is it yet another oppressive mechanism or is it a woman’s free choice that should not be criticized?

Obviously I cannot answer that on my own, and for starters I think that every woman should feel free to think about what makeup means for them and how they feel about it. That being said, let’s dive into the discussion a bit further.

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